Our History


Kidworks opened in the fall of 2006. I am the mom of twin boys with special needs. When my boys were young, I was very frustrated with the lack of quality services available for children once they turned three and were out of the First Steps Program. There were exciting new approaches being developed which were not available in this area. I spent years in waiting rooms with other moms frustrated about not being able to find what we needed. Many families I knew were moving out of the area to find those essential services. I had a friend who was a very talented therapist and also a mom of kids with special needs. She not only was frustrated with the lack of resources for her children but also in the working environments for therapists. We decided to give it a go and see if we could create a new resource.

We wanted Kidworks to always be sensitive to the needs of its families and also the needs of its talented therapists and employees. We also wanted a warm and comfortable environment where our clients would feel welcome and supported.

Early on I saw what a great difficulty funding treatment can be for families.   We created the Kidfunds program to assist families with this need.  Kidfunds are scholarships that are provided for families who have a financial need, so that services may be offered.

I love meeting families and assisting others in finding resources they may need. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have suggestions. I have walked in your shoes, and I find nothing more rewarding than assisting others down the road I have traveled.


Cynthia Wold, CEO